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The Aurora, is a beautiful addition to most reef systems and are ideal for nano tanks. If housed with a pistol shrimp, they will exhibit this natural partnership in the home aquarium as well. In this relationship, the nearly blind shrimp burrows to create a cave which the aurora goby will sit outside to keep watch for predators. The shrimp and goby stay in constant contact through the shrimp’s antenna. This stunning goby is a member of the shrimp goby family, meaning they have a symbiotic relationship with pistol shrimp of the genus Alpheus. Because of this behavior, a thick sand bed and rock rubble is required to allow burrowing. Like most shrimp gobies they adjust fairly well to life in captivity and will readily accept prepared foods such as our hatchery diet, frozen brine, mysis, and cyclopeeze. These fish are reef safe and can be kept with other invertebrates as well as coral or clams. The aurora goby may jump when startled so a tight-fitting lid is necessary.

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