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The Sea Hare is an interesting addition to reef aquaria. Although there are many types of sea hares in many marine environments, most available in the aquarium trade a from tropical waters. They are green or brown, usually with darker markings that make them look like algae-covered rocks. The name “Sea Hare” comes from their vegetarian diet as well as the two fringes on their head that look like rabbit ears, especially when the animal is lifting the front of its body and looks like a rabbit sitting up on its back legs.

Sea Hares are sought after for their voracious appetites, feeding on macro and filamentous algae. They will feed on dried algae if the live algae supply dwindles and should be fed to avoid starvation. These slugs are reef safe and will not eat corals or polyps, but their size makes them cumbersome in smaller aquariums. TheAplysiagenus includes some of the larger sea hares, most of which grow to about 6-8 inches in length.